Monday, January 24, 2011

My other Groups at Flickr

My Flickr address is ;
The other groups I run are as follows with the number of members: They are alot of fun with great pics, art etc to look at.
Feline Freaks #44 members
Frida's Amigas #82( Frida Kahlo)
Hand Created#14( Hand created art)
Historic Images#15(old pics, Victorian Homes etc.)
Incredible Animals#18(animals ofall kinds)
Indigenous People # 57( native peoples of all lands
Inner Crow Delights#66(Things that tickle my fancy)
Jazzy Era Fabulous Flapper Fun#47( 1920'2 FUN)
Laugh like you are a Lunatic (pics of people etc cracking up)
Nature's Paintbrush#23 (Pics of Nature's Beauty)
Nurses NOW and Then#7( Vintage and Current Nurses and Nursing)
Rainbows all over The World #18( real rainbows and rainbow colors)
Spiritual Beauty of ALL People #53( we are all beautiful spirits)
Vintage Collage Eye Candy and FREE USE IMAGES( collages aren't)#204 My largest group!
Wild and Crazy Lunatic Fringe #84

Check them out and join if you'd like or save your favs. There are a lot of free use images available here also and pics of ANYTHING!

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