Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I am not gone and I will not go quietly.......

WOW, the last couple of weeks have been very trying, some traumatic moments and a computer that needs cleaned up. None the less I still create on a daily basis SOMETHING. Seems I can not settle for the night or(morning as I work nights) until I have created something. The symbol I most associate with Christmas is Angels and I do so love A WINGED CREATURE!!!
i ALSO BELIEVE THAT SYMBOLS, ANIMALS AND COINCIDENCES ARE OFTEN MESSAGES TO YOU. There is an excellent book by Ted Andrews called "Animal Speak" and it discusses animal totems and messengers and the meaning. I have been seeing a lot of squirrels and hummingbirds.Following is the brief meaning of their message:
Hummingbird:TIRELESS Joy AND THE nectar OF life, CYCLE OF POWER: daytime.
the HUMMINGBIRDS WINGS ROTATE IN A FIGURE 8 WHICH IS THE SYMBOL OF INFINITY OR CAUSE AND EFFECT.It cannot walk and flies everywhere which reminds us that if we really enjoy what we are doing we become light as a feather.(I like where this is going!)Individuals with this totem should watch their sugar levels.(wow I have some concerns about this lately)The hummingbird is a symbol for accomplishing the impossible.It will teach you to find the miracle of joy in your life circumstances.(wow did I need that, what with the traumatic event I encountered this week!)

SQUIRREL:Activity and preparedness year round:
You learn best by doing your activity, are you doing too much or not enough.Do you need to learn how to save?Are you hung up on collecting and accumulating and gathering but not giving. Teaches us balance...to make time to socialize and play.All work no play........
WOW You wouldn't believe how true.
I do play though... my art is play and I make sure I get some in daily no matter what. 
HOW ABOUT YOU?? Thanks for listening to my rambles!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Please check out this beautiful concept for this season of giving.I beleive you should give of yourself everyday and not limit it to Christmas Time.Please check out: http:chrysti.wordpress.com and www.29gifts.com .What a beautiful idea for the entire year. Namaste ,