Friday, November 14, 2008

Accessories at Michael's

My sister Cindy, My Mom and I had fun trying on accessories in the ornament isle at Michael's.TRY IT SOMETIME.....

Completed a couple of items

finished my pen,ink and watercolor Name art for my daughter KRISTEN .Visited with my sister Cindy this weekend and we had a ball, especially in the ornament section of Michael's store.I also finally received my Twinkling watercolors from Luminarte( and experimented with alcohol inks.Imay talk about a little more later.I truly love the sparkly, bright watercolors that add a sheen o your picture.If you have never tried theese, I recommend them. As the innercrow title states, I do love colorful sparkly, shiny things!!Got a cold off work to return tomorrow and thought I would try to catch up. Take Care, Laurie