Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dont give me the nights

I am a night worker...for the most part, and I hate it.Oh don't get me wrong ,love my job but HATE the hours.I get weird.I get jealous of people that sleep at night,and feel extremely sorry for my self. Ok I amover that now. I havent been able to create much lately but I thought I would st up a file of mages to share with the courtesy to give me credit when due and at least menton(if I have) where the image came from.OKAY?One thing that irks me is people who steal images that are public domain and then sell collage sheets of same making money of them. Beauty, art should be shared and for the starving artists amoung us, free images should be shared. Nough said. I will be compiling a file of images to share.

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