Monday, October 13, 2008

A New Faery , a Fantastic artist to check out

Finally got moved in , though still have the bedroom set to give away and a couple other things. There is a wonderful system of sites called freecycle.They are a yahoo group that you post stuff you want to give away. You can also receive nice catch and no money. Check it out it is wonderful idea and it makes you feel good to recycle!!!!
I back to my art, sticking to portraits right now, and here is my latest. The face was found on but cautionThey also have side adds that are XXXX rated as they carry porn) I am not into porn but the beautiful vintage pictures are awesome.I colored her with colored pencil and graphite on britol boardI LOVE BRISTOL BOARD.... more creations later. Please also check out this fantastic artist video:His name is Phil Hansen. http://philin Enjoy

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